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The Audrey Hepburn loved top hat development history

Top hat accompanying gentlemen culture has been the standard logo. It is mature and graceful, both men and women love it. Nowadays it has been the durable and long lasting fashion elements origin. By top hat, one can always find his charming life.

Top hat is the habit of England nobles and everyone knows it. For them, it is not only symbol of identity but also stands for graceful women and gentlemen.

Herewith top hat, you will flash over England retro top hat, which is beloved by Kate princess. She is crazy for top hats and truly has the style of it.

She is the Queen of beautiful top hats, as well as the most welcome fashion lady. Her top hat, or exaggerate, or spreading of flowers, or decorated of heightened lace, which all quite suitable for a graceful princess and also been the focus of the public.

But the real queen of top hats is Elizabeth II. In the 50 years as the queen, she has worn about 5000pcs hats, refined artwork and typical styles, serve the queen well in different grand occasions.

Wearing a top hat actually does mean a kind of good upbringing  to take you into a better circle. Good manners, graceful outlook and decent behavior are all we need to develop. It will be a excellent name card for us to face the world.

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