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Sunshade caps categories and how to choose the suitable hat

Sunshade caps categories:

1. Wide-brimmed straw hat:
These straw hats have wide and wide cornices and are very idyllic. Straw hats are well ventilated and can avoid direct sunlight. Most children like straw hats. They can also use the collocation method of stars for reference. Wide-brimmed straw hats vary in material and workmanship from tens to hundreds of yuan.

2.Baseball cap:
Baseball caps are mostly made of cotton or denim with large front eaves. Boys are mostly choices. Many other beautiful prints are also suitable for young girls. Baseball caps are recommended to be purchased at sports city or shopping mall counters. The types and styles are quite complete. The general price is about 100 yuan. Some of them are made of anti-ultraviolet functional cloth or large brands, and the price will be higher.

3.Mask type sunshade cap:
This kind of hat has big black eaves, which can cover the whole face like an electric welder. Besides the sun, it can also prevent sand and insects. It is said that the idea of this kind of sunshade cap is from Korea. The eaves of regular products are made of special film with the patent of cutting off ultraviolet rays. This film can protect the face and eyes. The products are popular in Japan, Korea and other countries once they are introduced.

4.Golf cap, fishing cap:
The sunshade skirt edge of this hat can provide different sunshade effects. Sunshade skirt edge can be completely removed, the hat as a common baseball cap to wear, can also be fixed to the two corners of the sunshade skirt on the tongue of the cap buckle, the adjustment magic tape after the cap through the skirt edge, can provide complete sunshade effect to the face and neck.
The removable chin fastening rope can also be fully tightened, or the two corners of the chin fastening rope can be tightened behind the neck, so that the sunshade skirt only covers the back of the neck, and the face maintains good ventilation. Such a hat has excellent sunshade effect and is suitable for specific places, such as fishing or golf, which need to be exposed to the sun. Usually it is not used.

How to Choose Sunshade Caps

1. Occupation
People who work in the field in midsummer should pay attention to the sunshade function when choosing the sun cap. Light-colored and wide-brimmed straw caps and work caps are most suitable. Indoor workers should only wear sunhats on their way to and from work. They should highlight their decorative functions in terms of style and color.
2. Body shape
For women with symmetrical body shape, there is more room for choosing sun caps; for short and fat women, light-colored and narrow-edged sun caps should be chosen as far as possible; for those with shorter neck, half-edged and narrow-edged sun caps are more suitable; for those with wide-edged sun caps, people will feel depressed; for those with white skin, they can choose brighter colors. Sun hat; people with dark skin should choose light red, chrysanthemum yellow, light grey sun hat.
3. Hair Style
Women with long hair can get the effect of protecting their hair from sunshine by wearing suncaps with wide or narrow brims. For those with short hair, it is more appropriate to wear suncaps with wide or narrow brims.
4. Age
Young people choose suncaps with bright colors and novel styles, which are conducive to foiling their warm and lively personality, while middle-aged people should highlight the age characteristics of generosity, maturity and stability.
5. Material
The materials used for sunshade caps in summer are still rich and colorful, such as nylon, straw, linen, yarn, cotton and so on. Sports caps are most popular in cotton or denim style with large front eaves. Fishing cap, cotton is more appropriate, the front eaves of the cap turned upward, with a full sense of summer leisure. Wide-brimmed hat is also the common sense of lady hat, the material is generally light and elegant linen yarn-based, and now many are made of special synthetic fabrics, giving people a sense of freshness and elegance. Such a hat would be perfect for a long skirt with a larger skirt.

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