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Necessary hats in cold winter

These days, we have experienced the coldest winter since 28 years ago. The years before, winters were as warm as spring. This year, 2 weeks before Christmas, we welcomed the first heavy snow in winter. Big snow flakes dancing in the sky, outstands the romantic white winter and the coming gentle and sweet Christmas.

In cold winter, we all have thick clothes to keep warm,while a hat is necessary and important as well. Hat, as a kind of garment accessory, not only has the function to keep warm, but to highlight the overall style.

Wool top hat

Graceful and elegant collocation. Some outgoing girls can choose colorful hats to make an active winter.

Beret cap

Beret cap can promote ladies temperament.  Its characteristic wearing styles make many fashions. Beret caps matching with sweaters ,wind coat, wool coat and cotton coat are all good choices.

Knitting cap

Knitting caps in winter are always popular. Its warm-keeping function is significant in daily life. Knitting caps can make face seem smaller. It is also many film stars' favorite.

Fishing hat

Fishing hat is great to match with the clothes, but sometimes not so easy to find the suitable clothes. Hair style is important. It is suitable to put your hair down instead of tied up. It is also a popular style in winter.

At last, may you find the suitable hats in this cold winter.

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