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Knitting caps for winter

The mixed color knitting cap on Ms Liu Wen is very eye catching, matching with red rough twisted sweater and wide leg pants, leisurely creating a lady but fashionable style.

In the cold and stiff winter, an orange knitting cap and baseball suite can reduce age feeling, making out  thick preppy style.

If you want to be handsome,this tone in tone style is a good choice.Black tight pant fitting with black color knitting cap will be your beloved.

Those little fairies with short cute hair, with a purple knitting cap can make the face look smalller, making a fresh natural style.

Besides, sports suite well matches the knitting caps well. A green suite with white T-shirt inside echoes well with the white caps on the head, spiritual and handsome.

Other good decorations, such as sunglasses.

If you want to be more literary and artistic, you can choose big framed glasses as the model.

If some little fairies are afraid to making mistakes, you can try tone in one style as the picture. This overall red style in winter could highlight the skin color and red coat with red cap looks very happy in winter.

This overall orange style with an orange cap look full of vigor and vitality.

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