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Hats category

Hats category

Hats in different cultures have different meanings. Especially in western culture, hats are the symbols of social identifications. Hats have many kinds. 

According to usage category, It has the below kinds: snow hats, rain hats, sun hats, safty hats, dusty-preventing hats, sleeping hats, work hats, travel hats and top hats

Use persons and styles category: men hats, lady hats, children hats, minority national hats, lovers hats, cowboy hats, sailors hats, army hats, police hats, job hats

Material category: leather hats, felt hats, wool hats, hairy hats, stocking cap, straw hats, leaf hats

Styles category: beret caps, flat hats, cloche hats, trigonometric cap, forward cap, youth cap, scarves cap, brim-less cap, cotton-earflap cap, octagonal cap, skull cap, tiger cap

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