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Hat function

Hat functions

1.   keep warm

Head is the center of body warmth. According to the medical research, in the static stable, under the temperature of 15ºc, without hats, 30% of human body warmth will emit and 60% warmth will emit in 4ºc. If head is cooled, it will cause bad head blood circulation, leading to headache or alopecia, severely some diseases. So keeping warm in winter is important.

2.   Prevent pollution and dust for hair

In windy environment and dirty air, especially currently polluted environment, hair is always blown in mess, adhering by dust and germ, which makes the hair and scalp dirty and difficult to clean, in turn damages the hair quality. A hat is a coat to protect the hair.

3.   UV-proof

In sunshine days, sun burns severely; UV radiation is daily hurting the skin and the hair. In summer, especially in winter, the air is dry. The harm of UV is also strong. To prevent the harm of sunlight, a fashionable hat matching clothing will be a good choice.

4.   Shape the hair style

To make a complicated hairstyle, a proper hat simplifies the process, shaping the hair and beautifies your image.

5.   Stand for a kind of fashion

Hip-hops choose hats for their characteristics. Hats have become part of their culture.

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