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Hat colors, materials and anti-sunburn effect

Light color hats has the good anti-sunburn effect while deep clothing absorbs sunlight more effectively, with worst anti-sunburn effect. Light reflection of light color clothing reaches around 85%, less absorption of sunlight, with better anti-sunburn effect. Therefore, when choosing sun hats, light color hats are the better choice, such as light blue, light green, pink and light yellow.

Which is the best material of sun hats?

Normally sun hats materials are nylon, cotton, linen mixed, net cashmere and straw. The key to best anti-sunburn effect is the density of the material. Comparatively, net cashmere and straw has the most density, cool but of weak anti-sun effect.  Cotton material has the highest anti-sunburn ratio to more than 1000, but too thick to sweat. Nylon material is light and thin, suitable for summer, with a good effect of anti-ultraviolet.

Besides material, to choose a suitable sun hat, should be according to the situation. For those outdoor workers, or travelers, wide-brim hats are good choices. For those with short necks, flat hat or narrow brim sun hats are better.  For long hair people, choosing wide brim sun hats is to protect the hair from sun burning.

In general, nylon material sun hats have the better anti-sunburning function.

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