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Cowboy hat introduction

A Brief Introduction to Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are mainly made of materials that are commonly used in clothing, such as silk, lace, linen, etc. The color is not as black or brown as it is impressive. They can be matched with pink, green, purple of pink and tender color system in spring and summer, and even with gradually dyed denim hats, which are popular in spring and summer. Even in autumn and winter, denim hats are still popular. The material is more like velvet. Whether it is with a furry rolled-edged coat or a tweed suit coat, it has a rough taste belonging to men.

The popularity of cowboy hats can be said to be caused by the trend of retro, shallow fit on the head of the special wear, feeling a little hip-hopping, very much on their stomach. At the same time, the proportion of girls wearing jeans hat is higher than that of boys. With dresses, punk models, even woolen skirts and boots, girls dress up in the street.

Selection of Cowboy Hats

1. If the hat is too big or too small, it will be uncomfortable and ineffective to wear.

2. The appearance of hats should be intact. For decoration, they should be bright in color and changeable in style.
3. The tailoring of hats should be seamless and stainless.
4. Long face should wear a hat with wide edge or pull-down brim. Broad face should wear a hat with side or high top.
5. Tall people should not wear high cylinder caps. Short people should not wear flat top and wide brim caps.

Cowboy hat matching

1. Selective chest-wrapped skirt as the main body, with cowboy hat. Simple and clean dress but inadvertently reveal sexy prophecy, neck towel is the embodiment of professional details.
2. If contemporary elite men want to change their tastes and make themselves a standard tough man, they don't want to be too old-fashioned. Use sunglasses, suits and straight casual trousers is the best choice
3. Straw-knitted cowboy hat, seemingly wild design, in fact, demonstrates the frankness and ease. It's absolutely the best item you've ever seen.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Cowboy Hats

1. Gently wipe the dirty area along the texture of the hat with a wet paper towel
2. If the dirty mark is greasy, you may as well wipe it gently with a wet towel with a drop of detergent.
3. After cleaning, clean the detergent with a clean wet towel.
4. Finally, put the paper hat in the shade to dry.

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